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Uniting gaming friends who have never met face to face; exploring interpersonal relationships in a digital world. 


We Make Friends Happen

Friendships blossom in dozens of ways. The gaming community is no different. Games are the roots that keep certain friendships alive.

We battle together. 
We live together. 
We die together.  

It’s no surprise such strong bonds are built without ever having met someone face to face.Gamers IRL Media’s mission is to explore meaningful relationships in the digital world by uniting gamers who haven’t yet met.

About Us

It all started with a viral tweet.

Marti was listening to Jasen playing an online game in honor of a fallen friend. She wanted to remind the world that “online friendships” are just as real and valid as those in the physical space.

The heartwarming yet tragic responses made us wish we could find a way to connect long distance friends before it’s too late. 

We hope this project helps bridge the gap between gamers and show the rest of the world what “real” friendships really look like.

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